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I Love to Travel. Safely.

I love to travel. For the last 7 years, I have had the opportunity to see 111 countries and visit all 7 continents. There’s that feeling of butterflies in your stomach every time you land in a new country, excitedly anticipating the adventures ahead. I love meeting new people, learning about customs and cultures, and eating new foods!

One thing that has remained constant during my travels is documenting my experiences. I enjoy not only creating the memories but also capturing them to be able to look back at them years down the road. I typically always have my camera out ready to capture those special moments.

The last couple of years, I have focused on wildlife photography. I also pursued a professional career in scuba diving to better hone my skills underwater. My happy place is in the ocean. Being able to photograph the wildlife and then sharing them with my friends has brought me great joy.

As I make my way around the world, I always make sure that I am prepared for the unexpected by having travelers insurance. After trying out a few companies, I have been using SafetyWing for years now! I have had a couple of emergency room visits during my travels and luckily with my SafetyWing travel insurance, I had the peace of mind knowing that there wouldn’t be a massive bill after my visit.

Well, SafetyWing has become an even easier choice for travelers insurance!! They just released Nomad Insurance 2.0. This new upgrade now includes adventure sports and electronics theft! The adventure sports that are now covered are scuba diving, cave diving, quad biking, and so much more!! If you have your phone, laptop, or camera stolen, SafetyWing will reimburse you for that item!! So if you’re a scuba diver who travels with their photography gear like me, this is the plan for you!! SafetyWing now has you covered!!

What is even more exciting is that they have redesigned their claims experience to only take 7-10 business days!! Talk about a fast turnaround!!

So before you step on the plane for your next trip, make sure you and your technology are covered with the Nomad Insurance 2.0. Click HERE to get covered today!

If you are a US resident, please be aware that this product is currently unavailable. However, we anticipate its availability in the coming months.


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